Farhan Jiwani

Canadian, husband (& soon-to-be dad!), web developer, charity fundraiser, accessibility advocate, video game fanatic, electronic music lover

Quick Update —

Way back in 2019 I had set this page up as a temporary resume of sorts but, soon after, the COVID-19 pandemic began and I completely forgot about it and I had very old information on it since then 😅. Today, I quickly updated the page with some up-to-date information but I will probably fully revamp the whole site some time in 2023.

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Web Developer


My name is Farhan and I am a Canadian, Toronto-based, Senior Front-End Engineer at a digital experience company that focuses on helping brands activate their audiences, and providing engagement solutions.

My passion lies in making sure my code is robust, responsive and, above all, accessible!

For more details, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.


At my past three workplaces, I was proud to be the go-to accessibility guy. I believe that the Internet is for everyone which means websites and web apps must be coded and designed in a manor such that the most amount of people can access and consume the content contained, despite any cognitive or physical disabilities or difficulties they may have. For example, a blind user can navigate and consume all of the content on this page using a screen reader because of the standards I follow.

Since the companies I've worked for are based in Ontario, Canada, my minimum standard of coding practices I adhere to is WCAG 2.0 AA, as is the current law according to the AODA: The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.


I have two GitHub accounts but at the time of this page's last update, they are both in need of some "spring cleaning" as due to my focus on work, the pandemic, fundraising for charities, and personal factors, I have not had much time for my side projects. Feel free to follow them though, for when I get them back up and going!

My main account will be where my primary dev-related side projects and gists will live, whereas my secondary account will act more as a place for my hobby related projects.

SickKids & Extra Life

Every year, I participate in a charity video game marathon called Extra Life where I raise funds for SickKids: The Hospital for Sick Children, my local children's hospital. Since 2016 I've proudly helped raise over $33,200 USD for them!

This is one of my biggest passions, and for more information you can find it at extra-life.farhanjiwani.com.

The marathons are very fun and I stream them live, on my Twitch.tv channel where the audience can participate as well!

If you live in Toronto, chances are that you or at least one of your family members, friends or coworkers are someone who has been saved or helped in some way by SickKids - The Hospital for Sick Children.

Please share my campaign page URL, and if you are able, please donate for the kids as every dollar counts!

Video Games

I've been playing video games since the early '80s and my passion for them has never ceased. One of my favourite incentives for people who donate to my Extra Life campaign is they get to pick which games I have to play during the marathon, or during one of my regular weekly streams on Twitch.

You can find a comprehensive list of most of the games in my collection at my Backloggery page.

Contact Me

Email (or Not...)

You can contact me via email but please note that since I no longer freelance, my inbox isn't checked daily: farhan@farhanjiwani.com

It may be easier to find me on my less professional social channels.

Social Channels

By the end of summer, I am mostly focused on my day work and my Extra Life campaign, so these avenues will be the best way to contact me. For the rest of the year, Twitter would be your best bet.

My screen-name is "AlfaTrion", but you can call me "Alfa".